Dear Parents,

We understand the way you are all feeling right now. We were there not so long ago with my daughter Bianca. We started researching programs that can help us and we found Nathan Fears. The first phone call was one of the hardest calls we ever made.

Our struggle with our daughter began around her sophomore year in high school. This meant not obeying curfew, marijuana and alcohol abuse, skipping class, grades went from good to failing, stealing from us and arguments at home. It was a very hard decision for us to make, but if we didn’t make it we would have lost our daughter. A few days after our initial call we packed our daughter’s bag but we knew and felt very comfortable that Nathan would return to us our old daughter back.

As parents you feel you have good company walking by your side throughout the entire program, you will feel aided, supported, informed and this will help to bring back your self-esteem as a parent, since you get back the lost respect and authority. Your child acknowledges it too, since you made this decision for him/her because as a parent of a minor you have the responsibility and the power to do something like this.

The hardest stage was making the decision and following through. At the beginning we were scared if we made the right decision, if our daughter was going to hate us, if she would stop talking to us, all of these things crossed our minds. Now we can tell you, that we made the best decision. Our daughter is thankful that we sent her, and that in itself is very grateful.

We could not have done this alone. The help we got from Nathan throughout the whole process was amazing. We were able to call him on his cell phone 24/7 if we needed anything. Nathan is blessed with special gift in helping kids and thanks to his dedication he has touched the lives of many families around the world. Nathan we thank and Love you very much for how you changed our lives. God bless you and your family.

We are still walking the walk. Wishing that you might find peace, love and unity again in your family circle

– Olivera Family 2012


My Guardian Angel…

For those of you who are concerned about a loved one because of addiction, it is an extremely emotional and difficult ordeal to go through; it was for my family. I was 16 years old, battling a heroin addiction as well as severe depression. I grew up in a happy and loving family, I was not abused or mistreated, and I lived in a suburb in New Jersey no different than any other. But I had a problem. It wasn’t until my mother was given Nathan Fear’s phone number that I finally got the treatment that I needed. Ironically a therapist from the first rehabilitation center I went to (that I can honestly say did not help me at all) was the one who gave my mother Nathan’s contact information.

Of course by this time my mother and family were extremely emotional and confused about what course of action to take. Nathan found and made arrangements for me to enter a treatment center in Florida. Nathan came to the treatment center to check on my progress. When I was released from the facility in Florida, although I had made tremendous progress, I still felt that I was not ready to return home. Nathan agreed and arranged, with my family, for me to stay in a halfway house in Minnesota. I unfortunately had a set back while there and ran away from the house… five days later after being in a strange place with no where to go, I called Nathan and he picked me up immediately and took me back to the halfway house where I chose to remain for another two months.

I am now 20 years old, have received my Associate degree and graduated with honors. I now attend a university in New Jersey where I am working on receiving my Bachelors. If it weren’t for the efforts of both my family and Nathan, I would not be where I am today. I am not sure I would even be alive. I no longer have any desire to use, and I have been sober for four years. I still speak to Nathan often, my mother says that he is my guardian angel and I have to agree with her. Although I had to do the work in recovery, I needed the people in my life, including Nathan to set me on the right track toward a happy and healthy sobriety. Everyone who knew me before recovery is amazed at the person that I have become. Nathan stayed with me every step of the way, and never allowed me to give up. I give thanks for my family’s and Nathan’s unyielding support everyday.

– Sincerely, Lindsay N.


We have been remiss in not writing to you sooner to thank you for all your help when we were in a scramble to find a program for our 16 year old son earlier this year. At that time, he had benefited greatly from his 60 days in a rehab program for addiction, but we also knew he needed more help and it would not be wise to have him return home at that point in his treatment.

One of the many phone calls we made seeking a residential sober living program for teens led us to you. We first read your website and felt that God answered our prayers in leading us to you. We were so grateful for your immediate, knowledgeable and expert assistance. Within a few hours of contacting you we had a placement for our son. You were fantastic in helping us sort out details including the most appropriate program for him, help making the plans to for transferring him from one facility to the other, etc. You demonstrated a genuine concern for our son from the moment you met him in Florida and that concern continues to this day. We are so fortunate to be able to tell you and others that our son is doing so well, and his recovery program is the result of many caring people like yourself investing time and dedication to his needs. Your fees are very reasonable and you are more than generous with your time, often returning our calls on evenings and weekends which is above and beyond the call of duty.

We would be happy to speak with any other families who would like more information about how you helped us. Your ability to reach out and help kids with addiction illness is truly a gift and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We look forward to being able to report positively about our son’s progress, but we will also lean on you for more help if and when he needs.

– Tricia and Bill, Baltimore, MD


Our daughter spent 72 days in rehab under the direct care of Nathan Fears. Nathan saved our daughters life. I will forever be in his debt. Our daughter was in Florida with Nathan and we flew from Connecticut. I can tell you that we are very over protective of our daughter and it was very scary to leave her so far away. The moment I met Nathan all my anxiety disappeared. This man is brilliant at what he does. A miracle worker in the respect that with his training and rehabilitation, he managed to change us as parents as well. He showed us what we needed to do to insure that our daughter have the support and guidelines she needed. I am proud to say that she has been clean from all drugs and alcohol for 14 months. She is applying to the colleges of her dreams and back to being an excellent student. The distance was absolutely the best thing for our daughter. Do not hesitate to consider this center even if it is far from home. I am happy to talk to anyone that may want to know more and Nathan has our contact information. Nathan has become part of our family. He checks in with us and we check in with him. With Nathan you not only get an educated, dedicated and loving director, you get a friend for life.

– The Donaghy Family 2012


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