We are a team of dedicated professionals and caring individuals who are trained in providing the very best scientifically proven interventions to help adolescents and their families recover from substance abuse. Our program has been designed to specifically address the challenges that adolescents and their families experience so that teens can recover and lead fulfilling lives as members of their families and the larger community.

It can be argued that it has never been so hard to be a teen or a parent. Perhaps never before in history have teens had so many bad options. With drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and risky sexual behavior so accessible it is a miracle in and off itself that even more teens and their families do not struggle with these issues. Espiga Health offers an alternative. It offers a refuge from these influences and the key to a lifestyle that many adolescents have been surprised to discover is actually fun! Parents are often surprised in the recovery process by how capable they are of handling situations with their teens that used to overwhelm them. Does your teen seem distant and almost like a stranger? It is time to get reacquainted! It is possible to find peace, joy, and family unity again!

Do you or your teen struggle with academic difficulties? Not a problem, we offer educational support and evaluations from our licensed school psychologist. Functioning well in an academic setting is part of recovery and our team realizes how important it is to have this service under the same roof!

Recovery is a family issue and our program is designed to provide specially designed therapeutic interventions in a safe non-threatening environment where change can happen!

Our beautiful facility is located in the Galloway Professional Building on Sunset and 87th avenue, nestled in the heart of suburban Miami-Dade County. The facility can easily be reached by the Palmetto expressway and has plenty of family friendly restaurants and stores in close proximity.


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